Friends of Koko Head Meeting Minutes 5-19-2021

Principal Report:

  • In person 5th grade graduation ceremony limited to 2 people per student.
  • Last day of school – 5th grade parade/walk. Will consider the participation of Koko the Cobra.

  • Will offer Summer Learning Hub 4-week program 2 hours per day (English Language Arts & Math) at Koko Head.

  • Kindergarten transition program will be offered during the summer.

PCNC Report:

  • Yearbook delivery is delayed. Will make arrangements in the near future.

Treasurer Report:

  • Donated $100 to Ms. Yonan’s classroom to purchase tools to teach students area and perimeter.

  • Distributed honorariums for teacher’s appreciation week totaling $3,250.

Sorting Recycling Cage:

  • Tuesday, May 25 7:30am – 10:00am
  • On-line volunteer sign-up sheet created and Katrina included in e-blast to parents. Glen & Anne will help set up at 7:30am. Charlotte Choi and Steve & Jill Elliott will assist at 8am joined by Michelle. Ine Miller volunteered for 9am to be joined by Jennifer. More volunteers are welcomed. We now can have 10 people at a time.

Plans for Fall:

  • In-person full-time instruction will be conducted for 2021-2022 school year. Seeking just a few exemptions to offer on-line learning (K12 stride) for health compromised students

  • Back to School night will most likely be virtual.

  • Specialty Teachers: Plan to have Japanese, Computer, PE, Yoga, and Hawaiian Studies. Looking for licensed PE teacher. Yoga instructor will also include social and emotional learning. Hawaiian Studies to include May Day program.

  • After School programs: Reaching out to vendors from the past. Kumon has expressed interest to return.

  • Proposed Budget for 2021-2022 tentative $41,300.

  • Cobra Contributions: The Board agreed to recommence Cobra Contributions for school year 2021-2022.

  • School Supply List: Will reach out to past vendor for possible interest in providing back to school supplies service to parents. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to FKH.