Friends of Koko Head Meeting Minutes 8-17-2021

  • Principal Report

  • Specialty Teachers (i.e. CAP days) will start end of August/early September. Still interviewing PE teachers.

  • After School Program: Some contractors will commence in September such as Kumon and Hula. Tutoring will be offered to students with a focus on higher grade levels due to larger class sizes. Looking into logistics to offer popular after school coding class.

  • This school has the biggest enrollment 330 students. We have 3 new teachers in the lower grade levels to replace Mrs. Jaeger, Mrs. Denny, and Mrs. Tamaye. 4th grade has 29/30 students per class. Principal has confidence in teachers. Currently, not looking at hiring another teacher.

  • Reiterated COVID mitigation standards to keep students and faculty safe. Teachers will need to submit their vaccination or weekly negative test.
  • Will speak to teachers regarding handing out food items to students in the classrooms.

PCNC Report:

  • Sign-up to get a free flu-shot at the school offered on Saturday, September 11 from 9am -11am . Parents and guardians may obtain the shot, too.

  • School is having an art contest for Cobra Cash, the positive reinforcement of IB attributes. Designs due to Ms. Ko., student counselor. by September 30.

  • Donations of children’s toys and other kids’ items are being requested for the Cobra Store. Students are able to redeem these “prizes” with their earned cobra cash.

Treasurer Report:

  • Income: Reynold’s recycling (May) = $992.21
  • Expense: Chill Water maintenance = $415.85
  • Cash balance = $35,155.37
  • Budget for 2021-2022 approved = $43,800

Cobra Contributions:

  • In 2019 raised $19,800 in Cobra Contributions.
  • FKH will ask parents/guardians for monetary donations (cash is not accepted) to raise money for specialty teachers. Flyers will be distributed through students’ folders. FKH is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization.


  • Will resume in-person monthly. Outdoors for now to due COVID-19.
  • Open to ideas/suggestions for fundraising, events, etc…