Friends of Koko Head Meeting Minutes 9-7-2021

Principal Report: Jeff Shitaoka

  • Covid cases:
    • Google Classroom assignments posted right away by teachers
    • Second day: google meet live sessions, afternoon, books will be ready for pick-up
    • School has to wait for 24 hrs before they can enter the classroom to retrieve books
  • DOH got rid of metrics for guiding DOE on threshold for hybrid or full distance learning
  • Koko Head has a handful of immunocompromised students who were given access to full distance learning option over the summer
  • Complex Area option: couple of full-distance learning teachers hired; 1 full year commitment required by families
  • Jeff wants to keep the school opened because of the importance of in-person learning
  • No blended model available

PE Teacher Update: following up on 1 more candidate. The other two did not pan out. Would like to hire one ASAP

AC Update: Maggie Hong and Jeff Shitaoka

  • It is official!
  • Koko Head getting ACs, Friedrich Window Units Hepa Filter, waiting to be installed
  • DOE Facilities Head willing to have JOC contactors come in during weekends to install (working on contracts with contractors to give a fair rate)
  • Waiting for Randy Tanaka (superintendent of Facilities) to connect with Jeff Shitaoka to determine timeline
  • Parents and PTSA want ACs in earlier than summer: Fall Break
  • Jeff thinks we have to work on 1 wing at a time: have to figure out logistics with the DOE

UPDATE: DOE ok to work on cooling available classrooms right away. Project Manager should be scheduling time with Jeff for install

PCNC: Katrina Wilson

  • Picture Day was a success
  • Classroom Management, naturally 3 ft., kids were very well-behaved and enjoyed staying in the AC
  • 4th and 5th graders need a
  • Working on fundraiser venues (Moena Sweets), Sophie’s Gourmet Pizza (?)

President Michelle Schall

  • Friends of Koko Head site needs to be linked to Koko Head web site
  • Cobra contributions, flyer went out. Labeled with the child’s name. If parent signs it, we can send a thank you note.
  • Cobra Contributions: Pay Pal payments lose 5 bucks each. Checks are preferable
  • Halloween: possible event date Friday, Oct. 29. Current restriction through Sept 22, outdoor gatherings limited to 25 currently. Up in the air right now. But if we can plan beginning of Oct something else besides a drive-thru event. Trunk o Treat
  • Divide by household last name to minimize wait-time and lines
  • Haunted House on the grass would be fun. Time slots
  • 4th grade parent suggested in place of 4th grade trip, in Spring go Northshore Camp Erdman, and include the 5th graders. Lots of COVID protocols
  • Point of contact from Camp Erdman, email that to Jeff so he can get more information
  • Recycling cage end of September for sorting drive
  • Idea: Silent Auction online, similar to 65th anniversary
  • Will see how much we get for Cobra Contributions in Oct
  • May be able to put off more fundraising

Next Meeting October 5th

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