Friends of Koko Head Meeting Minutes 10-5-2021

Jeff Shitaoka: Principal Report

  1. Parent Teacher Conferences via Google Meet
  2. Update on PE Teacher: Close to finalizing, Mr. Sam Fusulai Robinson. Start late October, early November and will cycle that into the KAP days
  3. Update AC efforts: Classroom sample taken by contractor to take hazardous materials to make sure that is contained. Meeting with DOE Construction Management Team. F Bldg recoated starting in Fall Break. Test came in last week, waiting for results. Contractor has to wait for that.
  4. Hardcopy flyer for e-blast, reading challenge this Fall Break, 1 week only. Physical books only. First 100 kids to finish it, will win Keiki Desk out of cardboard
  5. Starting Math Support Programs: initial round of invites, building in after school writing
  6. Kumon brought back 2 times a month Mondays and Thursdays
  7. Playground Structure: yellow caution tape outside of D25 jagged piece of sharp protruding metal. No timeline for repair. A state playground maintenance group
  8. Halloween: Friday, October 29th, will allow costumes. No parade because of lack of physical distancing. Will need change of clothes for students. Can hand out goodie bags, no food items even prepackaged stuff will not be allowed. Teachers will have a say on that.
  9. October 19th: LG says they may change gathering limits. Drive-thru event for Hallowe’en like last year. Plan on the Trunk Or Treat.

Out on recess: conflict during unstructured play time, parent express concern there’s been some aggression among children. Jeff is usually out there

Are we looking for a teacher to replace pregnant 4th grade teacher? Going through process to get a long-term sub. Goal is to try to get 1 long-term sub as much as possible. Been reaching out for some time now. Definitely a priority.

Welcome to reach out to Jeff individually for other concerns.

Katrina Wilson: PCNC Report

  1. Thank you to Jen Broomell for Sunshine Mural; every kid will get to put their handprints on the wall.
  2. Sydney noticed during carpool, some of the families don’t buckle up their kids when they get in the car. Need to make sure everyone is safe. Need safety booster chairs. HK Lions will conduct Drive with Aloha Campaign this Thursday, October 7.
  3. HPD can give you a ticket for not buckling up kids as we are dropping off or picking up
  4. Recycling Cages: fastest that has ever been done. 3rd grade class Ms. Piercy’s class helped but parent expressed concern that their child participated in sorting out recycling for safety reasons. Suggestions we should rotate student classes in to help sort, possible waivers, possible to get parents to come and their children can come
  5. Panda Express Fundraiser this Friday. Maybe we will get Saturday too. CPK next on the radar
  6. Jeff’s 10 year anniversary is coming up here. Maybe have Zippy’s do a Teacher Staff Lunch? Something to honor him.
  7. Yearbook Committee: normally PCNC doesn’t do it. Katrina is going to take it on. Need a Yearbook Committee to involve students and 2 teachers to take pix throughout the year. Need 2 parents to help with this effort. Uploading pix, etc.

Anne Wood: Treasurer Report.

  1. $26,420, about $6000 more than 2019-2020 school year. Have a few thousand dollars coming in. This is a good year for Cobra Contributions. $1070 from recycling ...sitting $58,000. Raising cash pile again. Healthly start. Thank you cards have been sent out. We plan on honoring large donors on our web site.
  2. Web site has issues. Our link directs to a different site.
  3. We can set up PayPal, recognize our web site is deterring online donations
  4. We are currently at 60% of our financial goal, so yay!
  5. Do fundraising with Cobra Chase in February 2022 to close the gap

Michelle Schall: PTA President Report

  1. Parent concern: put other amount option on Cobra Contributions Form
  2. Trunk Or Treat planned: Walking Trunk Or Treat Ok, time and stagger maybe according to family names. Actually, stagger by grade is preferable
  3. Trunk Or Treat flyer will be sent to parents on Friday night
  4. Dialogue for Camp Erdman for next year for 4th graders: Kristy
  5. Dates for Camp Erdman conflicted with fifth Graders Exhibition Date this year
  6. Candy donations for after Halloween to Ronald McDonald House: Lauren

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